Thursday, June 10, 2010

Susan Lyon

I absolutely LOVE the color combos used here. The light is so beautiful, subtle and cool, and the shadows nice and hot hot hot.

One thing I love about Susan Lyon is that she kinda uses reverse psychology in her painting. I'll explain.

She often will make super large-stroked, exciting backgrouds; sometimes even with tons of texture. In the first piece, not so much the case. Now think about more traditional ways of attracting the eye. The background is usually totally downplayed while the foreground has the big textures and exciting brush strokes. With Lyon's work, she makes the lights, the focal points, a place for the eye to rest. Interesting method. I love it though! If you want to see more of her stuff, she is also one of my side-bar stars.

Hopefully soon I can post more of my own stuff...Spring term has sadly stolen me away from my studio happiness. Sigh. But I've got some commissions that I need to get done, so at least those should show up soon. Hope you're enjoying the exquisite weather!

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