Friday, July 23, 2010


Remember how dramatically I proclaimed I was going to paint? Well, I finally have some sort of evidence of that.

But on to more important things.

Meet Vella. This is my Grandmother-in-law. She is a beautiful woman full of kindness, knowledge, wisdom, and faith. On this 24th of July weekend, I declare her a pioneer in this trek of life. Her humility and dedication in transforming her way of life recently has inspired me to try to do that more in my life. I wanted to capture her legacy as her posterity will remember her from now on. I have always been impressed by her and I have been wanting to do this portrait for a long time. I hope you can catch her spirit and get to know her a little through this painting. You'd have to meet her to get the full effect though.

Happy Pioneer Day!

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  1. You're the best Anna! I'm so lucky to have such a talented wife. :)