Monday, August 29, 2011

Feelin' like Dealin'

Hello Friends!

I was just sitting peacefully at home, thinking about nothing in particular, when a thought just came to me. It came whilst whistfully gazing at the light bouncing off the leaves outside my window. Yeah. It was cool. But anyway, the point being:

It is time to do another deal.

I've been really digging drawing lately, and I want to do a sketch for someone. So here's the deal:

Comment on this post, or go on to my art process blog, and comment on how you would put a free commission sketch to use. The one that is the most inspiring to me (or that I randomly pick from a hat...) will win.

Also, I am offering a 25% off coupon on an 11x14 portrait sketch to ANYONE WHO WANTS IT. That translates to about $82.50.

How's that?

FYI I'll probably be rethinking my pricing lately because a lot of people have thought my pricing is too low. So now's the time to act! This is probably the best offer I'll have in a while! If you are interested in using the coupon, email me at, or comment below. Thanks people!

1 comment:

  1. I would have a sketch of my husband or one of my two little boys. How to choose?