Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another Try, Another Style

Soooo I wanted to try another Dave portrait. This was different than the last one.

And I've decided that art is entirely too subjective! But not, because that is the beauty of it...but anyway, how are you supposed to know what is good and what isn't when everyone has a different opinion? I'm glad we can all think for ourselves though. I guess I'm just torn a bit. I'll explain why I brought this subject up so you know where this random rant came from...

So I started the portrait with high hopes for something beautiful and realistic and full and rich. But no. The paint wouldn't have it. It wanted to be flat, and sticky, and dry and hard to work with and frustrating! So I just sort of stopped 2/3 of the way through because I was getting so frustrated.

Guess which painting is the new favorite of my professors and fellow painting majors? This one. They won't let me finish it. They like it flat and unfinished and dry and lop sided. What is a portrait artist obsessive about accuracy to do? I guess I'll leave it for now. Oh art world, why are you so confusing? Maybe one day I'll figure you out. Maybe.

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